Choosing among the Best- Chain, Belt and Screw

When it comes to garage door projects, a popular option for many household is an automated garage door, thanks to the ability to limit the production of noises. If you are in the market for a garage door for your Renton, WA property, then remember that you have three available options. You can count on the chain drive, belt drive and the screw drive garage door openers.  All these garage door openers work, but if you want to pick the best for your needs and preference then you need to understand each type and what it can do for you.

Investing in Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

A quick check among property owners in Renton will reveal a fact that most are fitted with chain drive garage door opener. This is a traditional option, and works through the installation of the chain that pushes the trolley that carries the J-arm and garage door. This opener often makes a noise, and this is a welcome feature for many property owners who are looking for an extra layer of security. A noise produced by the door opener will tell the owner that someone is opening or closing the garage door. This can work in garage doors that are located outside the property. Today’s chain drive options have improved, thanks to limited noises and start-and-stop features.

Luxury options comes from belt drive opener

When luxury and limited noises matter, then the belt drive garage door opener is a recommended option.  Instead of a chain, you will find a belt in this system that can help reduce the amount of noises produced. The belts are manufactured from a diverse list of materials that include steel-reinforced rubber and fibre glass. But prepare to pay an extra for these features.

Rely on the screw drive garage door opener

A trolley is required in the screw drive garage door opener, a feature that’s totally different from the other two options. The system doesn’t require the pulling and pushing that are normally associated with the other two opener options; rather the trolley that is anchored on the treaded steel rod that rotate on the motor is the feature that moves the garage door. While this works for property owners who want less complications, its adoption is influenced by the climate in the area since the system is sensitive to temperature changes.

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