Garage Door Spring Service Renton WA

Garage Door Spring Replacement & Installation

The efficiency of the garage door is anchored on the durability of the spring. Any damage or changes in the spring can compromise the operations of the door. As a property owner in Renton, WA., you do not want to own a faulty garage door due to a damaged, broken spring. When the spring requires replacement, let our team from Renton, Washington help you take control of the situation and find the replacement for you. But do not just opt for replacement- Let our team of professionals do the checking and assessment to verify the problem of the garage door for free! There are multiple springs that work for your garage door, with just one spring broken, the whole operation of the garage door will be affected. Springs should be well-coordinated, meaning all springs should be in top condition all the time.

Contact us if you suspect that one of the springs is already damaged- We can find the perfect replacement for one spring, or even provide you with complete replacement for all springs!


Is There a Recommended Replacement Time for Garage Door Springs?

Is there a set date of replacement for all springs of the garage door? One question we repeatedly get from our customers. The answer is very simple: There are a number of factors that can influence the rate of replacement of all garage door springs, and you should be aware of these as part of your garage door repair education. Renton, WA., property owners often cite the following factors:


Door weight- Springs are expected to work hard if the doors are heavy. If the weight is too much and the doors cannot accommodate the weight demand, the springs will feel the pressure and will snap in no time.
Spring sizes- Responsible garage door repair companies will assess the measurement of the garage door, identify the perfect spring size requirement, and install these in the garage door for a same day service! If a small-sized spring is used for heavier and larger garage doors, the springs will definitely fall short and cannot complete the tasks for a long time.

These two factors should serve as your reminders when rethinking your plans about garage door springs. And these two factors are the guiding principles in the mind of our team in Renton when working on your garage door. Our representative can assess the number of cycles the springs can make, and can recommend the best spring sizes and brands that can work for your project.


Should you Do-It-Yourself?

Going the DIY route surely generates savings, but is this the realistic option for you to take? There are a number of things to keep in mind before you take on this job- Your experience in garage door repair, your technical expertise and of course the right materials and components for the job. If you do not have these, then let the professionals do the work.


Only the Best Repair Work from Renton, WA Professionals

Contact our technical support now to receive technical and friendly assistance to make lite of your garage door problems. Garage door spring problems can be complex, thus expert assistance may be required. This is where our team in Renton, WA., can help you.  Our technicians have experience in different kinds of springs, from torsion to extension springs. Since we only work with top-of-the-line products with the best warranties you can consider IGD as your one-stop shop in Renton, WA!


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