Garage Door Springs

There are two types of springs for garage doors: the torsion spring for heavy garage doors and the extension spring for light garage doors.

These can break or corrode when lubrication is not done regularly. Your garage door springs need constant and meticulous maintenance.  Garage door springs need replacements when corroded and bent. Do not wait for them to break because accidents may happen.

Replacing or repairing bent, broken and corroded garage door springs can be complex and need an expert or trained person to do it. Call our highly skilled and professional service technicians for garage door spring repair and replacement services. They have been technologically and skillfully trained to provide these services.

Work is performed in the safest way and accidents are avoided when IGD Renton Garage Door Repair experts do the job.

If your springs are damaged, IGD does not recommend to fix it by yourself. This procedure is extremely dangerous, and trying to fix them can possibly lead to injury to yourself or your surroundings. You want to hire creditable and skilled garage door repair company. Call us now and let our friendly technicians fix your garage door, we are trained to handle the job safely.

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