Renton Garage Door Panel Repair Renton WA

Renton Garage Door Panel Repair, Replacement & Installation

Whether you need professional services for single or multiple panels on garage doors, our IGD team in Renton, Washington can help do the job right -- at the right time, with the right parts and always at the right price. Our team has been trained in the installation, maintenance and replacement of garage doors and our parts include garage door panels from numerous manufactures. We cover the full-spectrum of gargage door materials and equipment failures, breakdowns and accidents. One call does it all!

Garage Door Panel Repair Renton WA

Garage Door Panel Basics- What You Should Know

Garage door panels should receive the same amount of attention reserved to other components. Panels are made from a variety of materials including steel, vinyl, wood, copper and aluminum. Extra insulation is also often included in the panels to boost garage door energy conservation, and often a polyurethane material is selected for this purpose. Property owners in Renton often select between two kinds of garage door panels - single and multiple panels. So what are the differences between these two panel options? 

As the name suggests, single panels, or one piece doors are constructed with just one panel that moves up and down, and often these are made from monolithic panels. There are hinges that are incorporated on the sides that allow for the door to swing up from a close to an open position. A single-panel garage door opens at an arc to ensure the safe passage or movement of cars. The usual constructed consists of a panel that folds the garage door using a track and roller.

Multiple panels on the other hand are made using 2-8 panels that fold as they easily slide up.  With multiple panels, the garage door does not open at an arc making this option the most durable, and most updated choice. Every panel of the garage door maintains a connection to the track, increasing safety and reliability.

What Can Go Wrong With Door Panels?

Garage door panels can fracture, twist, bend and cease to work under heavy demand and requirements. If this is the case, or damage occurs, a complete replacement should be considered. Repair work can troubleshoot minor issues, but when the problem is more serious, a complete replacement should be worked out by your local IGD garage door repair professionals right here in Renton.  Renton homeowners can maintain or even increase the value of their homes by paying attention to their garage door status, before it is too late. Let our team be your guide in assessing the condition of your garage doors, panels included, free of charge! Contact us today to learn more about our Renton garage door repair services, and experience what premium service is all about!

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