Common Garage Door Problems

Your garage serves as a reliable partner when it comes to securing your car and other investments, but can also serve as a source of headaches and stress if this is not maintained and managed properly. When the garage door starts to act up, then expect a lot of problems, stress and inconveniences to show off. But just like other problems, there are solutions and you can take control provided you are aware of the common garage door problems. If you are from Renton, WA, it pays to discover the leading garage door problems and complications.

Disturbing garage door noises

Garage doors are expected to produce noises, but these are acceptable and manageable to the ears. But in time, these noises turn into disturbing garage door noises that can test your patience. If you are faced with this problem, you’ll need to focus on the small garage door parts and components. Tightening the screws and nuts, and applying the lubrication can work in addressing the issue. Switching to the belt-powered opener can work in limiting the noises, and you can make this happen by working with a Renton garage door professional.

My garage door doesn’t open and close

This is one frustrating problem with a garage door during rush hour. What can you do if the garage door will not open or close? Find the problem- this can be a problem on the battery of the remote control, or an issue with the opener. The problem can also be a result of a defective sensor, or when the cable has been detached. We can help you address the issue through step-by-step instructions, and you can experience this service by calling our team in Renton.

My garage door moves up and down quickly

This problem with the garage door should be resolved immediately. And while you are attempting to repair and troubleshoot the door, try to keep your family members away from the door. This can be addressed by checking and tweaking the opener or by adjusting the cable. But if you think that the problem is beyond your skills, let our team help you solve your garage door woes.

Stuck garage door

This is a problem that’s linked with the close limit switch or the rails. This problem is also linked to the debris or any item that has been left at the bottom. Manually check again the door as you move it up and down, or you can clean the bottom to remove the debris.

My garage door instantly reverses

When your garage door automatically reverses even before it can hit the bottom, then the problem can be found on the close force adjustment. This is a safety feature on your garage door that tells the door to reverse if an item like debris is obstructing the movement. This can be solved by cleaning the bottom of the door to get rid of any obstructions.

As a homeowner in Renton, WA, it pays to understand and prepare for these common garage door issues. If you are aware, then you can personally troubleshoot the issue or you can share the problem confidently to a professional in case you want a pro to work on this project.

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