Friendly Tips for Maintaining your Renton WA Garage Door

Monthly Maintenance For Your Garage Door

Here are some monthly maintenance steps that you can try when your Renton garage door system starts to act up.

Note: Never operate a door if the springs are broken. You need to contact a trained technician like Renton garage door repair man to help you fix the problem.

The door springs and door hardware should be regularly checked.

Oil door rollers, bearings and hinges should be properly lubricated using silicone or light oil

Check to make sure your garage door is balanced properly.

Always close your door.

You can release the carriage from the rail assembly by noting where the emergency release cord is and pulling it.

Manually raise the door to about 4 feet. This is because your garage door should remain stationary or slightly moved.

If your door moves then you need to have it serviced by a professional like Renton garage door repair man

If you notice that the Renton garage door is properly balanced, you need to reattach the carriage to the rail assembly by locating and pulling the emergency release cord to the power head.

Perform A Contact Reverse Test On Your Garage Door

First you take a 2 by 4 inches board and lay it on the center of the garage doorway

Using the wall button or the remote control, close the doors. The garage door should usually reverse within 2 to 3 seconds.

If you notice that the door refuses to close on contact with the board then you need to force is down. Refer to the owner’s manual to see how this is done. If after using force it still does not lower itself then you need to replace the parts or have it serviced by a professional garage door repair in Renton.

Always make sure you perform a non-contact reverse test.

Take an object and place it in the path of the sensor beam. Then operate the garage door to open it. You should notice that the garage door does not begin a downward movement.

Then insert an object in the path of the sensor beam and then activate the garage door. Make sure you use a ball that is big enough to bock the path of the sensor beam. You will notice that the garage door will stop the downward movement and reverse the door travel direction.

Annual Garage Door Maintenance

Make sure you always lubricate the drive screw on your Renton garage door annually. This is to make sure that it does not rust, and will ensure its dependable performance for a long period of time.


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