Garage Door Insulation for Energy Efficiency (Renton, WA)

As a homeowner in Renton, WA, one of the best investments that you can make is to insulate the Renton garage door. But it is not recommended to jump into this task without understanding the process. If done the wrong way, this can only damage the garage door system. If you are looking to understand the process and discover when to contact a Renton garage door professional, read the following guide.


Importance of Garage Door Insulation


Incorporating insulation will help promote comfort in your garage since the heat during summer will be prevented from going in. It will also help keep you comfortable during winter. If you want insulation, it is best to insulate all parts of the garage. Also, it is recommended to insulate a Renton garage door if it is directly under the sun’s heat, with no shade whatsoever,  since these factors can increase the heat and temperature.


How Can a Renton Garage Door Professional Help You


If you request an insulation job from a professional team, the team will still solicit your help. They will ask for your opinion on a number of things, including the R-value. This is an important detail since a higher value means increased efficiency. The professional garage door provider may provide recommendations on the R-value, but it is you who will ultimately decide.


Types of Insulation Materials


There are different insulation materials that can be used in the garage door system. For some residents, the fiberglass batts are used. Batts designed with vinyl or foil are generally used to keep  the fibers in. This type of insulation can offer an R-value of 3 in for every one inch of thickness. Another option is to go for the rigid foam panels, which is more expensive. This material will provide better thermal resistance. Most companies in Renton, WA have access to pre-fabricated kits, and they will use these for insulation purposes.


Some Notes on Weatherstripping


Another recommended improvement is the use of weatherstripping for the garage door. Weatherstripping can help prevent leaks from happening, and garage door companies will often use a weatherstripping kit designed for garage door use. The kit will call for a weatherstripping that starts on the ground, and a vinyl or neoprene seal that will be adhered on the sides of the door. Another option is to use door bottom seal.


Whatever your choice or design for insulation, it is still recommended to coordinate with a Renton garage door professional for guidance and assistance. A garage door professional from Renton understands the qualities of a good insulating material, and they have the experience in installing a quality insulation for your garage door system.

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