Garage Door Opener Facts for Every Homeowner

For the garage door system to open and close, it will need the services of the garage door opener. In short, this is a critical garage door requirement when you are planning an improvement or complete replacement of your garage door for your Renton, Washington home. As a homeowner, it is best that you know how your system works so you can easily spot problems as soon as they appear. If you are still clueless on how the opener works, then read the following facts:

  • Garage door openers can help you spot the general health and condition of the garage door system. If you hear noises when you open or close the garage door, consider these as critical signs that your garage door in Renton, WA. needs service of our professionals from Renton, WA. Since garage door openers are composed of small parts, it would be best to leave the job to professionals. In regards to safety, it is also best to rely on Renton professionals when dealing with your components’ electricity. Whether your home is powered by keyed or wireless entry, the opener can pose serious safety concerns.
  • Garage door openers are composed of small pieces that work individually to operate your garage door system.  For example, you will find that the electric motor is powered by a power unit that is attached to the systems’ track. Openers can work on a variety of mechanisms including screw-drive openers, direct drive units, belt drive openers and chain drive units.
  • Garage door openers allow you to operate the garage door in different ways. For example, you can open or work the garage door using a remote control. For some garage door systems, you need to key in a special combination.
  • Always ask for the installation of the manual emergency release. This feature allows you to operate the garage door even without power.
  • When it comes to power motors, you can choose between DC and AC motors. Choose DC motors if you value silent operations.
  • Request for a vacation setting in your Renton garage door system. This ensures security and no access to your garage in Renton while you are away.


Pay attention to your garage door components including the openers. Consider these as your safety feature that will protect your investments. Work only with garage door professionals from Renton when you want this feature in your home.



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