Garage Door Openers- A Look at Chain Drive and Belt Drive

 If you are in the market for a new Renton, WA garage door, chances are, you are faced with a number of options, including the type of opener to use. Today, the market is dominated by two types of openers- the chain and belt drive. Both these options have their own set of benefits, and garage owners have their preferences. But is it really important for you to choose one over the other? If you’re in the market for another garage door, consider the following guide. We will break down the benefits for each type of opener, and help you decide along the way.


How to Choose the Right Opener for Your Home


In order to choose what’s best for your home in Renton, WA, you need to know the best features and advantages of both options. Explained below are the details of each type of opener for your guidance.


Pros of Belt Drive


  • Less noise when used. Many garage door owners in Renton, WA complain about the noise in the garage, especially when closing and opening the door. Now, this is no longer a concern if you are using a belt drive since noise is drastically reduced.
  • Durability of material. Compared to the competition, belt drive is considered a stronger material, and it can be used to lift different kinds of garage door. Today, it’s also used in large motorcycles, which validates its standing as a great and durable product to use.
  • Faster operation. Compared to chain opener, the belt drive moves faster. So if you are looking for a stress-free opening and closing of the door, this is the right opener to use.
  • Easy to install. Garage door parts and components, including openers will require replacements in time. And when it comes to opener replacements, the belt drive is easiest to replace.
  • Always available. If you visit hardware and home improve stores within your area, you will certainly find belt drives. Also, most garage door service companies carry these openers, allowing you to easily find replacements if you are looking to improve your garage.
  • Easy to maintain. There’s no need to add lubrication to ensure its smooth operation.


Potential Problems with Belt Drives


  • Strength. This is listed as part of its pros, but experts agree that it can also become a potential liability. Well, this type of opener can easily handle the weight of a one-car garage door,, but can struggle when handling the weight of a much heavier garage door.
  • Lifespan. Compared to the chain, this will not lasts long. But at least, this product will come with company warranty.
  • Reliability of performance. These openers can operate without a problem in ideal situations, like good weather. But if this opener is subjected to extreme weather conditions, then it’s performance may be compromised.
  • Cost. It’s more expensive compared to chain drive. The upside is that it comes with better warranty coverage.


Here’s a quick look at the chain drive.


Pros of Chain Drive


  • Durability of material. If the belt drive will struggle with heavier garage doors, the chain drive can easily handle such weight. This option is also considered safer since it’s not prone to slipping.
  • Reliability. This option is considered more reliable, and can lasts longer than the belt drive, provided this has been maintained properly. Also, there’s no need to worry about extreme weather conditions, like extreme heat since it can easily work in these challenging conditions.
  • Availability in the market. These are readily available in the market, and you can easily find a replacement.
  • Cost. It’s relatively cheaper, thus a popular option for many property owners in Renton, WA.


Potential Problems with Chain Drives


  • Operational efficiency. Don’t be surprised if you will notice slight movements and shaking when using the chain drive opener. It’s a natural movement for this opener. Also, it will lift the garage door at a much slower pace, but the difference in speed is not much a problem for many garage owners.
  • Noise. You will easily notice that noises that will be produced when this garage door opener is at work. This can be a problem to your family if the garage is connected to your house, or if the bedroom is beside the garage,
  • Maintenance. This opener requires regular maintenance otherwise, it will act up along the way. To maintain this drive of your Renton, WA garage door, you will need to give regular lubrication, and this should be done in a regular basis.


Both these types of drive openers feature its own set of pros and cons, and in the end, your choice depends on your needs and personal preferences. If you are looking for a highly dependable drive for the Renton, WA garage door that can work for all seasons, the belt drive garage door is highly recommended. If costs matter to you, a chain drive for your garage door in Renton, WA is highly recommended.

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