Garage Door Problems- How to Check and Maintain your Renton, WA Garage System

The garage door system is one hardworking system, and many property owners tend to overlook this fact! The convenience on being able to enter and exit your home in a comfortable manner, as well as a location to maintain your vehicle safe, will make your Renton garage door move up and down at least 1,000 times a year. Since this is a hardworking system, it is recommended that the door should receive regular check-ups and maintenance steps. In fact, you should know how to identify common garage door problems.


The problem among many garage owners is that they will only act the moment the door is no longer usable. As a responsible and pro-active property owner in Renton, WA, it is  important to act before the problem occurs.  You need to follow a regular maintenance schedule, and work with a Renton garage door professional for technical help.


So what can you do to properly maintain the door, and ensure that it is working properly? Here are some steps and signs to watch out for when maintaining a garage door.


Visual inspection of the Renton garage door-

A visual inspection is the first step when it comes to maintenance. During the inspection, you should checkout the condition of the cables, hinges, rollers, springs and pulleys. Look for signs of damages or wear. For cables, look for frayed cables, and for hardware, check if these are loose. If you think something is off, consider calling your garage door repair team from Renton.


Garage door balancing-

If this is equipped with an automatic opener, we suggest that you close first the door, and disable the automatic opener. Manually lift the door, and it should be lifted with minimal resistance and will stay open. But if the garage door fails to open or will not stay open, there is  a chance that your garage door is not balanced. Again, this is a sign that you need to work with a garage repair company from Renton.


Reverse mechanism test-

All garage door systems installed after January 1, 1993 should incorporate the reverse mechanism, or the edge or safety eye sensor. This is included in the system for safety purposes. If the garage door system do not feature this technology, immediately call IGD Renton garage door repair team. When doing the test, the garage door should be open. Put a piece of wood on the flooring, positioned at the center of the door. Now close the garage door. If it hits the wood and it instantly goes up, then it works fine.


Forced setting-

This is another test that can be done when the garage door is open. Simply push the transmitter to close the garage door. Now, stretch your hands and hold the door. Instantly remove your hand if it will not close. This means that the closing force is excessive, and it needs a check from the professional.


 Safety eye testing-

This is another test that requires an open garage door. Now, push the transmitter to close the system. Find an object, like a stick or broom and wave that in front of the door’s safety eyes. Your garage door should instantly close, if not, talk to your Renton garage door professional.


These are some basic maintenance and check-up steps you can take when maintaining your garage door. All problems of the door should be addressed immediately, to prevent accidents inside your home. For help, contact a professional Renton garage door repair company.


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