A Great-Looking Garage Door Can Sell Your Property Faster in Renton WA

Planning to sell your property, and thinking of a major over-haul and renovation? Well, home improvement and even selling a property are critical investment steps that should not be rushed. To help you make sense of your situation, we invite you to read the following, and see how it can help.


Identify your Renovation Goals


You should always start making a list of your goals when it comes to renovating a property. Remember, goals become your guide posts. For many homeowners in Renton, WA, the goals may involve the need to lower the electric bill, or to promote the level of comfort. Check out the following home renovation goals:


Boost the market value of your Renton, WA property


Show off your new creative taste in exterior and interior design

Protect your investments

Cut electric bill

Boost the storage space of the property


In setting and implementing the goals, it is best to keep in mind your budget and your priorities.


Here is Why Your Renton Garage Door Will Become a Great Investment


So tell me, what is the first thing that you will see when you first visit a property in Renton, WA. Chances are, you have your eyes on the garage. Many homeowners design their properties with the garage door on the front side, and will take a third of the whole facade area. If the Renton garage door is damaged, dirty or simply outdated, guests and prospective buyers will definitely notice this.


According to Remodeling Magazine, in the Cost vs Value 2016, a garage door replacement with a value of $1,652 will actually give back a return of at least 91 percent, the third best in many property improvements, trailing the front door.


Now is the Time to See a Transformed Renton Garage Door!


It all starts by making a decision to improve the garage door, or install a brand new one. But how will you know that the garage door in your mind will make your property appealing? Well, you can work with a professional Renton garage door repair and installation team who can provide you access to a Design Center where you can conceptualize the design, details and materials of the garage door. A professional garage door company in Renton can help you make sense of the options. Also, the company can provide you guidance on the right kind of decorative hardware to use on the door, and the right color scheme. Let your creativity serve as your guide when imagining and planning your next garage door.


Coordination Matters in Renton Garage Door Design


While you have smart and grandiose ideas for for your garage door, you should keep in mind that any design or change on the garage door should complement your existing home design and details. With so many design details, materials and decorative options available, you can easily find the right garage door style and construction that can make it stand out from the rest.


Today, you can choose from different door designs like colonial, modern, contemporary, Tudor and farmhouse. And all these details can be used to transform your garage, and boost the appeal of your property. And when working with Renton garage door professionals, keep in mind that the front door should be coordinated with the garage door. If possible, ask your preferred Renton garage door professional to go for a lighter garage door, if the front door is colored dark.


What Should You Do if You Want to Convert the Garage Space?

According to the National Association of Realtors, a single-family dwelling that measures 1,870 sq feet will require at least 2 bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms. And based on a survey made, homeowners with a car also require an extra garage. If you are faced with the same concern, then you can actually convert the garage door into a living space. The garage area can be turned into a room, or you can remove the garage.

Whatever the plans or design requirements, it is always best to work and coordinate with our Renton garage door company. They are professionals in the field who knows what works, and recommend the best design and materials to use. Call us and schedule a free onsite estimate with our IGD professionals. Share with us what is important to you in your next garage door. We will share with you brochures and give you options that best fit your budget.

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