How to Give your Old Garage Doors a New Life in Renton, WA

Usually, a personal makeover can update your look and give your current style a new look. This is also true when you are talking about your home appearance especially your Renton garage door. If you find out that your garage door is worn out and outdated, then you can give it a new life by using one of these tips mentioned below.

Give your garage door some pop by adding color

Most times you will be surprised at what a little color can do for your Renton garage door and your home’s appeal. This is a simple and very inexpensive job that you can do for yourself. The only thing here is the time it will take you to complete the job. For starters you want to make sure that the prep work is done correctly. If it is a wood door, you need to fill out the cracks and any loose paint before you begin. If it is metal doors then you need to clean and remove all form of rust. Make sure you wash the doors properly before you begin.

It is advisable that the color you use should blend in with the color of your home. But most people choose other colors that are a little adventurous and different from what is out there.

Faux wood appearance

Another thing you can do is to take a simple stain on your door and create a beautiful appearance. Like stated above the only investment here is your time. But most people can complete this in one afternoon. Clean the door properly by using a rag to make sure the door free from dirt.

Take a brush and apply the glaze going over it one section at a time. When the glaze dries quickly and the door is receiving sunlight then you can pick one day and apply the stain. Finally top off with a clear glaze for a long lasting effect.

Add some architectural detail

One thing you can do is to add some architectural detail to your garage doors. For example a carriage style door is very popular and adds great appeal to your homes. The best thing is that this look can be created in a matter of hours with your paintbrush and purchased hardware.

Make sure you properly prep the doors and tape off the front rows to create your own windows. Also, add some decorative garage hardware. This can help you transform the looks of your Renton garage door system, and be the subject of envy of friends!


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