How to Keep Your Cool (and the Garage) with these 6 Easy Steps

Keeping your cool during summer requires a creative approach, and what you do in your Renton, WA garage can make a difference.


  • Start with your overhead door. Open it slightly to allow air to circulate. If your budget allows it, you can add a fan in the area.
  • Make sure to add an insulation to the ceiling. Insulation is a great addition to different rooms in your house. You no longer need a ceiling wallboard if the paper-backed insulation is in use. Secure the insulation with staples or a net, or use them both.
  • Extend the insulation to the walls. Adding an insulation to the walls can help in keeping heat low. If working on a wall insulation, you can use a wallboard to protect and secure the material. This ensures that your insulation is protected from cats or kids who may tear or play with the material.
  • Don’t forget to insulate the garage overhead door. This should keep your garage cooler during summer months, but still keeping the area warm enough during colder months. For a metallic door, you can attach a 2-inch thick layer of insulation, secured by cement.
  • Investing in adjustable roll-away awning, whether manual or motorized, can work well in keeping the garage area cool during sunny days. You can also add a shade in the area by planting a deciduous tree, making sure that it’s strategically planted to block the sun’s rays directly. Most hardwood trees can be planted near the Renton, WA garage door, like Walnut or Oak. These kinds of trees are also helpful during winter since it can allow sunlight to pass through, thus providing natural light to your garage area.
  • Add a stationary vent to facilitate the exit of hot air from the attic. Although this is not as effective compared with a mechanical exhaust system, its addition can help cool in the garage door Renton, WA area. Installed exhaust fans will capture cool air from your garage into your attic, cooling the area, and in the process cooling the area below it as well.


Start with these tips, and you garage can become cooler, even at the height of summer months. Some of these tips can work in other areas of your house as well!

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