How to Maintain your Garage Doors

It is no longer surprising to hear that garage door repairs are needed by many homeowners of today. It is because many of them just do not care about their garage doors. They simply take it for granted and just leave the door as it is without even maintaining or cleaning it. The truth is, similar to any other mechanical item; your garage door also needs care. One thing to remember is to make sure that your kids know that such door especially the remote powered garage doors are not a toy. When you are looking for simple ways to ensure that your garage doors are well taken care of, below are few tips on how to get it done.

  1. The outside part of the door should be cleaned with the use of water, sponge and detergent. Use the hose to rinse it entirely.
  2. Frayed cables, rollers and rusty bottom brackets must be checked if broken. If so, it needs to be replaced immediately.
  3. If there are any loose bolts or nuts, a socket wrench must be used to tighten it. If the nuts or the bolts are red, it must be adjusted. Only a professional technician can do that for you. A good option is to contact Seattle Garage Door Repair.
  4. Door balance checking. This can be performed while the door is closed. You need to disengage the opener by means of release cord pulling and door reaching up to the level of the waist. After such, it must carefully be released. Once the door rises or lowers, it needs maintenance because it is out of balance.
  5. Safety reverse of the electric opener should be reverse. Perform this while the door is open. On the floor, put a 2 X 4 piece in the middle of the opening. To close the door, the wall button must be pushed. If the door strikes to the wood, the door must be reversed. If is not reversed, servicing is needed.
  6. All the moving parts should be lubricated. Use a silicone lubricant spray rather than WD40 or grease.

By way of those simple maintenance tips, your garage door can serve you for a long time. Of course, if you are in need of professional assistance, we at Garage Door Repair Seattle, WA are here to help. We have the best service you require for your garage door. You can assure to get free estimation, same day repair and above all, the most reasonable costs.

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