How to purchase the right garage door opener in Renton

When it comes to reliable garage door components, the garage door openers are considered some of the best and most critical. Before you shop for an opener for your Renton garage door system, you should consider a few things in mind.


Know the amount of power needed


Garage door openers are available in three power configurations- 1/3 hp, 1/2 hp and 3/4 hp. The choice of opener will depend on the actual configuration and design of the Renton garage door. For example, you should order a 1/2 hp opener if the system features double door. In shopping for garage door openers, the longevity of the opener depends on the rated power.


Types of drivers to consider


Here are the different kinds of drivers available for your Renton garage door system:


Chain drive- Most garage door systems are powered by a chain drive, where the chain is tasked to lift the garage door. This is the cheapest option available, but can be very noisy.


Belt-drive- The design is similar to the chain drive, but the difference is that a rubber belt is used. This works with less noise, but also comes at a higher price.


Screw drive- This is suggested if you are looking for a ‘quieter operation’. A threaded metal bar is used to pull up the garage door.


Other security features 


Most Renton residents use a rolling pass code to ensure the security of the property, and others also use an electronic lock. A highly secured garage door can also tell if another person is trying to open the door, and when this is detected by the system, the door will remain closed. In some cases, garage doors can also allow for temporary password that can be given to guests. Also, some garage doors will have security lights that will turn on every time you walk in front of the garage door.


Remote control and key-less entry


Remote controls for the garage door come in different types. You can have the single remote, or use the multi keypad. You can also design a garage door system with key-less entry. A Renton garage door team will set up a keypad on the side of your garage door. You will need to type the right code to get inside.


You will need to consider a few things when you want to buy a new Renton garage door opener. If you want professional assistance, just contact a Renton garage door repair consultant, today!


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