How to Select the Garage Door Materials, Style, Colors and Finishing

A durable and reliable garage door starts with the selection of appropriate materials. Yes, there are a number of materials where you can choose from for your project. Each material has its advantages, and we can help you decide which one is best for you.

Aluminum Garage Door- This is a popular garage door material offered in different colors, designs and styles. It works for many homeowners since these are easy to maintain, and can easily match with any home styling or exterior. This is also a functional option since this can be rust-proof, lightweight and can be customized. While it works and lightweight, this material is not as tough compared to steel.

Steel Garage Door- When it comes to door materials, steel comes in first in terms of durability. How can you go wrong with a steel-based garage door, right? Durability-wise, this works but this can get scratched or rust which can be problematic if you are constantly opening and closing your garage door.

Wood, PVC/Fiber glass Garage Door- Other popular materials used in making garage doors include wood, PVC and fiber glass. For property owners looking for a traditional touch, wood-based garage is the best bet. This classic material can be finished using a variety of materials, stained and can be painted. Another option is to use PVC material, rated durable than wood or metal. This works for homes and commercial properties, however options are limited.

Have You Ever Thought About Style?

So you’ve decided on the material to use. What about the style of the garage door? Style comes in many forms but there’s one recommendation that works every time- look for a garage door style that can complement the looks of your property. Here are traditional home styling that you can keep in mind when working with a team handling your garage door repair requirements.

Gregorian/Victorian/Colonial- These themes are all about the details and grand intention- expect the use of panelled wood, use of decorative hardware and accents. For garage door, you can’t go wrong with design that coordinates with your property’s windows.

Contemporary or Modern- This is spacious, allowing you rooms for experimentation. For this home theme, you can try out stained wood, frosted or pebbled glasses and V-ribbed or horizontal banding.

Edwardian- Works best with raised panels or sections, and recommended with clean lines.

Impress Using the Right Colors and Finishing

The colors and finishing you choose can complete the garage door packaging. Remember, not all colors will work for your garage doors. Just like in garage door design, you should look for paint colors that can work with your property’s overall theme- stay away from extreme or bold colors. If your property makes use of red bricks, try to incorporate beige or tan. Also, garage door professionals in Renton, WA recommend using the windows as the point of inspiration instead of the doors.

What you add as finishing can also affect the quality and aesthetic value of the doors.  Look for finishing products that can add a layer of character into your garage door. Even the hardware should also form part of the plans when working with a team specializing in garage door repair. Renton, WA professionals including our team recommend using decorative hinges and handles. Also, forged iron look can enhance the aesthetic value of the garage door. Strapping, like the X or Z straps, and panels can work on garage doors.

The list of choices is long, and customizing your garage door can take time. Make sure you work with a talented team in Renton, WA. Work with us now by calling our customer support representative so we can schedule a meeting for us to learn more about your requirements. What we offer is custom and friendly garage door repair services, so call us now!


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