Maintenance- A Requirement Often Ignored By Renton Homeowners

From cars to homes, maintenance is a requirement that should not be pushed in the sidelines. This is a recommendation that should be taken seriously since this can help ensure a long service of your investments. This is true as well for a garage door system- a garage door system should be checked for performance and reliability. While this is considered a must-do, more than half of homeowners don’t put much effort in maintenance requirement. If this happens, the garage door systems will fail and cost an owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs and restorations.

So do you clean and maintain your garage doors? Here are some suggestions on how you can stay on top of things.

  1. Clean the system through regular rinsing. A household detergent, sponge and running water will work in keeping it clean
  2. Rust is the enemy, so find time to spot any rusting component
  3. Pay attention to loose cables, screws and bolts. Tighten components using the socket wrench, but for components with warning tags, allow a Renton-based pro to do the work
  4. The garage door should be balanced at all times, so check it for balance. Another critical check point is your opener safety reverse. This component is in great working condition if the door will reverse if it hits a piece of object at the bottom. If the door will not move in reverse position, then that’s your signal to call the services of the professionals from Renton
  5. The photo eyes of the garage door should be working every time. You can check for performance by waving a piece of object in front of the lens to break the beam. Again, if the garage door doesn’t reverse then that’s a problem for you
  6. Always lubricate all necessary components but use appropriate lubricating products (not WD40)

If you want a garage door that will be reliable for years, then make sure to maintain it as recommended. There are garage door professionals from Renton who can work on your repair and replacement requirements.

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