Spring is around the corner and if you live in the Northwest, people are slowly coming out of hibernation. I feel comfortable saying that the worse weather is past us and now we can look forward to more sunshine and warmer weather.

Like many of you I have a huge to-do list around the house, now that the weather is getting warmer. Along with working on the garden and making sure that outside critters and insects do not want to make the inside of my home their new dwelling, one thing that gets overlooked by many is the garage door.

People who have garages, in their Renton homes, depends on all moving parts to work, to park their precious vehicles inside or use the space as storage, or even as a house addition (game room, workout room etc.). Maintaining these moving parts well and healthy is an important part of expanding the life of your garage door. Basic maintenance to a garage door is very important and should be done annually, especially if you open and close the door 3+ times a day.

Call your local garage door technician and have them tune, lube and make the proper adjustments to all moving parts of your garage door system. While they are there, have them check other components of your garage door and opener, making sure everything is running smoothly. If something is not it will at least be brought to your attention, by your local Renton garage door company, and you can go from there.

Other parts that should get checked are the garage door spring(s), and the balance of your door, as well as checking the bottom weather strip and the perimeter weather seal, making sure these parts are doing their intended jobs.

One final piece of advice is to spring clean the space if it is being used as storage. Keeping and maintaining the space clean and organized is a great way to maximize the space you have. Now let’s go on and get ready for the warmer weather we so greatly need here and wish you a happy spring cleaning!

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