Summer-Proofing Your Garage Door in Renton, Washington

With the cold winter months beginning to end, it is only best to prepare for the challenges of the next season- summer. Just like other home systems in your Renton, WA property, the garage door should also get the attention and preparation that it deserves. The winter conditions and extreme temperatures can be harsh on the garage door, thus it pays to give your garage door the maintenance and repair it needs. A quick inspection of your Renton garage door is never enough; what you need is to conduct a routine maintenance check and tune-up to ensure that your garage door is ready to take on the hot summer months.


Start by Cleaning the Garage Door


Garage doors perform a variety of roles for your household. It can serve as your makeshift office, a stock room for personal effects and home furnishing that are no longer used, tools, which can collect dirt, dust and grease over time. The Renton garage door is also open to the elements and dirt that will be brought by the wind. To address these concerns, you will need to thoroughly clean the garage door, both inside and out. To prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust, you can apply a thin layer of car wax on the door surface.


The recommended maintenance steps usually depend on the material of the garage door. For a wooden garage door, you may need to repaint and a apply a thin layer of water sealant to prevent potential rotting. If there is rotting on any part of the door, you may need to replace that Renton garage door with a new one.


Lubrication Matters for Metal-based Garage Doors


If your property in Renton, WA has a metallic or stainless steel garage door, then all moving parts of the system should be lubricated. A proper lubrication of the tracks, rollers and hinges, and other metallic parts of the system will ensure that the system will close and open efficiently, without creating disturbing noises. Ask our Renton garage door repair company for an appropriate oil, and never use WD-40. Another layer of lubricant with silicone on the door can help for weather-stripping purposes.


Look for signs of Wear and Tear


A visual inspection of the door can provide you an idea about its condition, and how it will hold up for the next few months. Are there signs of damages, or are they frayed? If there are signs of damages, then you need to work with a Renton garage door repair company and ask for repair services. Never attempt to work alone, like replace the cables yourself since it can be dangerous. Make sure to check other small components like ball-bearings, rods, supports and hinges.


Inspect the Door Bolts


Loose bolts at the back of the garage door’s track can be dangerous.  Report this problem to your preferred Renton garage door repair team so they can correct the problem, and provide replacement when necessary.


Regular Checks Of Your Garage Door Springs 


Check out the presence of rust on the springs. If rusts will form on the springs and these are left unattended, then it will break and make the garage door an unsafe system to use. Problems related to springs should be forwarded to a Renton garage door repair company. Also, the tension of the springs should be checked, and you can check by pulling its emergency release while the door is closed. After pulling the release cable, simply lift the garage door to your waist area. If the garage door immediately closes, your springs require extra tension. The ideal scenario is to have a garage door that will stay at that height after doing the recommended steps.


Always Replace Damaged Insulation and Weather-Stripping

Damaged insulation and weather-stripping can pose serious headaches for you in the long run. It will keep your garage area dry and comfortable, so it is recommended to replace these when necessary.

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