Tips to Help Maintain your Renton, WA Garage Door in Top Shape

The largest moving part of your house is your Renton garage door, and it is usually used multiple times a day, in all seasons. To make sure that your Renton garage door continues to operate smoothly for a long time, it is very important that you need to perform regular measures that prevents and cares for your garage door. Here are some tips that can help you maintain the door, and ensure protection for a long period of time.

Observe how your garage door functions

The first thing you need to do is to look and listen. This simply means that you need to observe and look at your garage door every time you are around. Check to see if it is jerky or if it is moving smoothly. Is it making a lot of noise or is it moving silently? Also check if both of the sides are symmetrical.

You need to tighten the hardware. The truth is that an average garage door moves up and down about a thousand times a year. This movement can loosen the hardware. What you need to do is to make sure you tighten all the roller brackets and bolts using a socket wrench.

Make sure the garage door is balanced

Test the garage door balance. When your garage door is not balanced properly, your garage door will have to work harder to open and close. This will make it very hard to last long. Make sure you disconnect the release handle (the red cord) and move the door halfway manually. If you notice that the doors do not stay put, then this means that the springs are not balanced properly. What you can do is to remove and then replace the roller brackets that are not attached to any cable.

Check your garage door rollers

Inspect and replace any faulty rollers. You need to make sure you inspect and replace the rollers if you use them daily.

Check the bottom weather strip

If you notice that the seal strip on the bottom of your garage door is cracked or is brittle, then you need to replace it. As this keeps debris and animals from entering your garage.

Keep your garage door moving parts lubricated

You need to make sure that all the moving parts are properly lubricated. You can use lithium grease or a spray lubricant.

Good cables keep your door balanced

Check the cables for broken strands and damage near the bottom of your garage door.

Keeping your family and pets safe with your door's safety eyes

Always test the auto reverse safety features. Make sure that the direction reverse and goes back up when the door touches the ground. Or you can fix it with by coordinating with a Renton garage door repair man.

Always make sure the tracks are cleared and free from debris. Make sure you groom and clean you garage doors always. Check if there are no damages caused by water or warping.

These steps and tips can help you maintain and secure the garage door. Do not  let your investment go to waste; contact a Renton garage door professional, today.


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