There are numerous ways you can update your Renton, WA home to give it a nice curb appeal. Painting your home and working on the garden are two obvious options which draw attention to and make your home inviting and welcoming. Updating your garage door is just as important as any other detail when it comes to making your home attractive.

Whether big or small updates to your Renton garage door, one option homeowners must do to give their garage door a facelift is painting them. To paint a garage door, wait for a nice sunny day and start early to make the best of the day and weather. Disconnect the automatic opener from the door and move on to prepping the door. For a wood garage door, peeling off paint and sanding the door are a must if you want your new paint job to stand out in a good way. For a steel garage door, cleaning out dirt with a damp cloth is a good way to prepare for the garage door makeover.

Another way to improve your door is by adding windows on the garage door. This project can be tackled in a few ways. One way is to add faux windows, by painting them or adding stickers to the door’s upper section.  This method saves you money and is something you can very well do on your own.  If your budget allows it adding real windows will not only look great from the outside, they will provide lighting into your garage door space too. This option is best to be completed by a local garage door company. If the door is in a good state, there is no need to change the entire door. Just changing the top section to have glass is more than enough. If you want some light, but not too much, just ask your garage door technician about tinted glass options as well as insert designs.

If your door is looking beat up and has obvious damages to it, getting a new updated door will automatically give the look of the house a lift. With so many options out there, as a local Renton garage door repair company to provide you with brochures on different style doors you might like. Remember to have a few options in mind as garage doors vary in price.

Updating the look of a garage door will add immediate curb appeal to your home. Whether the update is for yourself and family, or you are planning on selling your home, performing any of the listed options will be a positive move in beautifying your home, and your neighborhood.

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