What to Do If Your Renton, WA Garage Door Refuses to Open or Close

If you notice that your Renton garage door refuses to open or close as you try to enter or exit, the first thing you need to do is to find a quick fix to know what is causing it to stick in the first place. Most times it can be a result of an environmental problem such as snow or ice, or it might just be mechanical, such as a malfunctioning or bent track.

Door malfunctioning due to weather

If you notice that the door is frozen then this might present a best- case scenario. What you need to do is to get it working again. This can be done by taking some warm water and pour it on the bottom of the door. Allow it to work its magic for a few seconds and your door is back to life.

Check batteries and electricity

If you find out that you have no idea what the problem is, the first thing you need to do is to check and make sure the batteries are working properly. Although this might sound obvious, but most people forget to check these, and this is usually the major cause of the problem. If the batteries are okay then you can try manually opening the doors. Make sure you always turn off the electricity before doing so. If you can manually open the Renton garage doors, then you need to check the electrical connections and make sure it is working properly. What you can do here is to check that the opening component on the ceiling is well plugged in. Also check to make sure that circuit breaker is okay and has not blown. If it has then reset it and try once more.

Keep tracks in good working condition

If you find out that the track is bent or warped or out of place, you need to use a ladder and feel for protrusions or something that feels out of place on the track. If you find any then take a hammer and make sure it is hit back into place. Also, try spraying some lubricant on the track to make sure that things are smooth on the track, and every component is lubricated.

If all else fails, call a professional!

Always make sure you try these tips and fixes mentioned here. Usually, your Renton garage door system will work confidently, and you have nothing to worry about. But if you find out that it does not work,  then call a professional like Renton garage door repair man to help you out.

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