Why a Garage Door Tune-Up Services in Renton Matters for You

Just like your car and lawnmower, the garage door will also need a tune-up service that can be completed by a professional team from Renton, WA. A tune-up service will focus on a comprehensive check-up of the components of the garage door system, particularly the garage door opener. This is a critical part of the garage door since this ensures the operations of the other, you’ll need to make sure that this is up and running all the time. This is where our reliable team from Renton can help you- we provide you with garage door services and tune-up to keep your garage door working in great condition. Sign up for an annual tune-up services, and save thousands of dollars.

Our tune-up services will focus on the following:

  • Checking of sensors for operations and alignment
  • Lubrication of springs, cables and hinges
  • Tightening of bolts, screws and related garage door components
  • Complete check-ups of the door’s working parts
  • Spring tension adjustment

We invite you to contact us now, or send an inquiry form to learn more about our services.

If you decide to contact us now, our representative will ask for a background of the problem so we can provide you with appropriate professional services. At the core of our services is safety, and this is a principle that guides us in every project. Don’t be tricked by the ordinary appearance of the garage door. The garage door may be simple in design, but it’s made up of hundreds of small working parts. And when these parts are not maintained and checked, these can compromise the safety of everyone.

Don’t allow accidents to happen; contact us if you notice the first few signs of garage door problems. If there are disturbing noises, spring popping or door that will not open, we suggest that you instantly call for professional help.  Let our Renton team serve as your professional partner in addressing common garage door problems in your property.

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